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If you want to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières, but are stuck for ideas, then you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find all the inspiration you need, from doing a sponsored walk to hosting your own event. It's fundraisers like you that help us deliver medical care where it's needed most.

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A-Z fundraising ideas

A for Active

Get active and take part in a sponsored run, walk or cycle. Check out our sponsored events.

B for Beats Without Borders

Are you a DJ or musician? Get everyone together and host a music night or live stream your sets for friends and family to dance along to and ask for donations. 

C for Cake sale

It’s a classic! Everyone enjoys eating cake so gather friends, family, colleagues or fellow students together to bake and then sell your delicious creations.

D for Dinner party

Pick a cuisine and treat your guests to an evening of culture. Ask them to donate. Be inspired by recipes from Médecins Sans Frontières staff and their communities around the world.

E for Expert talk

On any day there are some 31,000 inspiring doctors, nurses, logisticians and other project staff working for MSF overseas. Organise for one of the team to join your group, school or workplace to share their story, Ask people to donate to attend and have a collection on the day.

F for Film night

Choose a film to show and ask people to donate the cost of a cinema ticket. Why not pick an MSF film. You can even sell snacks and drinks to boost your fundraising total!

G for Good deeds

Offer up your time, energy or skills and ask people to donate in exchange for you mowing their lawn, teaching an instrument, editing their holiday snaps.

H for Hold a collection

Join our community of online fundraisers and set up a JustGiving page to collect donations with a click of a button.

I for International Day

Give your fundraising a global theme – invite friends, colleagues or students to share their culture with music, food, quizzes and dancing. Ask for a donation to attend.

J for Jumble sale

Give your home a clear out and sell any unloved goods. Set up a JustGiving page to help collect donations for your games, books and bric-a-brac.

K for Knitting

Get the needles out and start knitting! Turn your other crafting skills into donations for MSF. Ask for donations at fetes or fairs.

L for Livestream

Whether you love to play Super Mario or League of Legends or you enjoy streaming your favourite hobby, bring your community together and stream to raise vital funds for MSF's work.

M for Matched giving

Ask your employer if they match donations and double what you raise for MSF. Find out more about how you and your company can help MSF carry out its life-saving work.

N for Name the teddy

Challenge people to guess the name of the teddy or the number of sweets in the jar. Donate to take part and the winner gets to keep the toy.

O for Olympic challenge

Organise your own sports day at school, university, work or with family and friends.

P for Pub quiz

Get your quiz master hat on, sell tickets, and put your friends' knowledge to the test. Raise more on your quiz day by playing games and selling raffle tickets for extra prizes.

Q for Quit

Get sponsored to give something up! You don’t have to wait for January or Lent to quit something you love.

R for Raffle

Hold a raffle or auction. Write to local businesses to see if they will donate items you can put in your raffle. Just get in touch to request a handy template letter ready to send!

S for Skydive

Take the jump and raise funds for MSF. Get in touch to find out more details.

T for Tea party

Pop the kettle on, bake some goodies, and host a tea party or coffee morning. You could even time this with a special occasion in your life.

U for Upcycling

Breathe a new lease of life into an old piece of furniture and ask people to donate to give it a new home.

V for Variety show

Put on a ticketed variety show, music concert, or comedy event! This is a great way to showcase your skills and celebrate the weird and wonderful.

W for Walkathon

Challenge yourself, friends and family to a walkathon in your local area or virtually through apps such as Strava. Get sponsored for every km/ mile covered.

X for X marks the spot

Decide on your treasure, plan your clues or design a map, and organise your own pirate treasure hunt.

Y for Year-long challenge

Set yourself a 12-month challenge or how about nominating MSF as your school, RAG or company's Charity of the Year. Raise money for MSF through different fundraising events all year round.

Z for Zumba

If you're feeling energetic and want a physical challenge that lots of people can take part in, this is a great way to raise sponsorship together. Set up a class and ask for donations via JustGiving.

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Resources to help your fundraising

Set up a JustGiving page

This is an easy way to share your story with your friends and family and collect donations online. Visit the MSF JustGiving page to set up your own fundraising page.

Ask your friends and family to donate

Let your friends and family know that you are fundraising for our medical work. Social media is a great way to spread the word. Get in touch with our team to receive a pack of powerful images of MSF’s work to share on your social networks.

Already finished your fundraising?

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