Thanks to the independent support and generosity of companies our teams can provide emergency medical care where it is needed most.

Use the tabs below to find out more about how your company can support Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

Why partner with us?

Support from companies and employees is vital to MSF.

One hundred percent of our donations come from individuals and organisation like yours. 

Private support enables us to be independent.

It means we can act quickly in an emergency and go where others cannot; it means we are often the first on the scene of a crisis.

A partnership with MSF can bring many benefits to your company, while helping to save the lives of people affected by conflict, natural disasters, and epidemics in over 70 countries:

  • Uniting your employees around a shared goal of providing emergency medical aid in the world's forgotten crises 
  • Defining your company’s identity as a purpose-driven brand, helping you to stand out and to differentiate you from others
  • Responding to crises in the countries where you are working
  • Partnering with one of the world’s leading medical humanitarian aid organisation and the recipients of the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize

Long-term partnerships

We start all our partnerships by getting to know you and your company, whether through picking up the phone or going for a coffee.

We want to understand you and your company and explore how we can build a partnership. We work closely with our partners to build meaningful long-term relationships.

Here are several ways that we could support you through a partnership with MSF:

  • Regular updates on how and where MSF is providing life-saving medical care with your support
  • Opportunities to hear first-hand from MSF staff such as doctors, nurses, logisticians and midwives at your offices
  • Invitations to our year-round events, such as panel discussions and breakfast briefings with MSF staff
  • A dedicated relationship manager who will support you and your employees in their fundraising and volunteering opportunities throughout the year

Visit the following page to read more about how your donations are spent.

"In recent years decisions around where to donate in response to humanitarian crises have become increasingly difficult, especially when an immediate response is required.

"We chose to give unrestricted donations to MSF as we know that they will use their expertise to direct funding to where the need is greatest.

"Our partnership has grown over the years, and recently we gave an additional donation towards MSF’s Coronavirus Crisis Appeal.

"We trust MSF to use our donations responsibly and, in return, MSF send us regular and up to date information that we can share so our employees know how MSF is responding as a crisis unfolds."

Joanna Keefe - Global Corporate Responsibility Manager, Linklaters LLP

Our corporate partners

How our corporate partners make it possible for MSF to provide lifesaving medical care to those who need it most.


MSF has been a headline global partner of Euromonitor since 2017. Over the last five years, Euromonitor employees have supported our work in a variety of ways – from taking part in the London to Brighton Ride, to creating a tailored cookbook, to running an emergency appeal for COVID-19, to sharing valuable market research.

“We are so proud of our global partnership with MSF, which means that our employees have the chance to be a part of responding to some of the world’s most pressing emergencies. I have seen the relationship go from strength to strength over the years, and we were thrilled to give a total of over £100,000 in 2021.”

Eva Harput, Global CSR Manager at Euromonitor

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP (HSF)

We started working with Herbert Smith Freehills in Australia in 2010. Since then, our relationship has grown based on shared principles of mutual trust and transparency.

In the UK, HSF have supported MSF in multiple ways including donations, pro bono support, delivering training sessions, hosting Missing Maps events, and fundraising for our COVID-19 appeal.

In 2020, HSF made a remarkable commitment to donate £2 million over the next five years to MSF, delivered as a combination of corporate donations, employee fundraising and pro bono support. This has led to an expansion in our global relationship and we are now working together in 13 countries where both HSF and MSF are based.

"I have been working alongside MSF for the past five years now. During that time, the partnership has gone from strength to strength and there have been so many opportunities for our employees to give back to a cause close to their hearts.

"We are extremely proud of this global relationship that is built around an ethos of trust and transparency."

Emma Cooke, Head of Citizenship at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

We have worked closely with CMS since early 2020, when CMS chose MSF to be their global charity partner.

In addition to their generous year-round financial support, CMS harness the skills of their employees to support MSF’s mission through pro-bono projects, fundraising activities and through our Missing Maps sessions to map some of the most vulnerable parts of the world.

“Our 40 day CMS Around the World physical challenge was a great way to educate our colleagues about MSF, raise money for our global charity partner and encourage people to step away from their screens. An important aspect of the challenge was that participants could cover any distance in any way they liked – be it climbing the stairs at home, laps in the local park or cycling up a mountain! We focused on the collective distance travelled with the aim to virtually ‘visit’ our offices across the globe and, as we reached each office or passed through a country, we learnt about how MSF have made a positive difference in that location.” 

Louise Starling, Responsible Business & Social Impact Manager at CMS

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is an easy and tax-effective way to make regular donations.

Payroll Giving is the only way that your donation can automatically go up to 45 percent further.

By giving to us regularly from your pay, we automatically receive the tax you would have paid on the donation (your payroll department sort this out for us).

Also, we don't need to claim Gift Aid back on this. So less admin for us, and no Direct Debit needed from you!

Payroll Giving is also the only way for anyone paying 40 percent or 45 percent tax to give us all their tax on a donation automatically. 

If you earn over £42,385 per year this is the best way for you to support us tax effectively.

You donate to us on a monthly basis

We receive (20% tax payer)

We receive (40% tax payer *)

We receive (45% tax payer*)


















* Please note that we have calculated that the 40 percent higher rate tax band starts after earning £41,865 GROSS per year (including personal allowance of £10,000) and 45 percent super tax is applicable to those earning over £150,000 gross per year (this includes any and all personal allowances that might or might not be applicable).

Matched giving

Some employers also offer to match your donations through their payroll giving schemes.

Why not ask your employer if they will match your gift?

Setting up Payroll Giving

If you or your employers would like to discuss setting up payroll giving contact Linda Le Hoang in our fundraising team.

Or set up Payroll Giving at Giving Online website.

Making a normal donation

Alternatively, you can set-up a one-off or regular donation.

Our corporate gift acceptance policy

At the core of MSF’s identity is a commitment to independence, neutrality and impartiality.

These principles allow us to gain the acceptance of the local people in countries where we work and to speak out when we see injustice. They are key to keeping our teams safe.

It is for this reason that we do not take funds from organisations working in industries that conflict with our humanitarian goals and values, or which may limit our ability to provide humanitarian assistance.

MSF UK does not accept gifts from organisations in the following industries: 

  • Arms manufacturing and selling 
  • Tobacco manufacturing and selling 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Extraction

If your company is in the asset management, gambling, alcohol, healthcare or medical device sector, please do get in touch to discuss any possible donation.


Our corporate gift acceptance policy >


If you are interested in making a donation to MSF through the sale of goods or services, please get in touch with our team using the form below ahead of any promotion.

Until a fully executed agreement is received, the use of Médecins Sans Frontières’ name, logo, or any of its licensed trademarks is prohibited.

Or, feel free to contact Abigail Betts, MSF UK's Major Gifts Manager.

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