At MSF, equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are integral to everything we do. We also recognise the need to confront and stop the harmful practices that result from racism and discrimination within MSF.

Our mission is to treat everyone fairly and with respect, creating a workplace culture where staff feel they belong and can be themselves. As a medical humanitarian organisation, we provide medical care to anyone who needs it, regardless of their background or any other diverse characteristics.

When responding to emergencies or providing project support to local and global communities, we strive to always operate in a fair, inclusive, and unbiased way.

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MSF UK's commitment to responsible behaviour

MSF UK's safeguarding policy

Our strategic approach to EDI

To support our organisation in promoting and encouraging EDI, we have developed policies and procedures that align with our values.

MSF UK is taking practical steps to ensure our staff and partners are not unlawfully discriminated against based on their protected characteristics, as outlined by the Equality Act 2010.

Our priorities for equity, diversity and inclusion are included in our EDI Action Plan and our Strategic Plan 2020 to 2023.

Our work on EDI

In February 2022, we produced our first EDI Action Plan. It builds on previous learning and includes further understanding from the inequities exposed by global movements for racial equality as well as from the COVID-19 pandemic which laid bare inequality in health, welfare and medical provision.

We are committed to learning from these experiences and taking action to tackle discrimination in the way we provide support and care.

Please continue reading for summaries of our agreed actions.

Our EDI progress to date

At MSF UK, we strive to create an environment that is inclusive and free from discrimination and victimisation. We believe in equal opportunities for all, including in recruitment, selection, promotion and training for our people, the communities we seek to assist, and our partners.

Our EDI policy 

MSF UK is just one part of the global MSF movement. We recognise that MSF is rooted in European post‐colonial traditions, and this manifests in many aspects of our organisation.

We are committed to accelerating the ongoing redistribution of power and decision‐making more evenly across the world; ensuring our medical humanitarian assistance is free from any racist or discriminative barriers; and working on addressing all aspects of structural racism as they manifest in MSF.

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At MSF, we are committed to upholding gender equality as a fundamental human right in both our internal and external operations.

To achieve this, we have implemented fair and transparent pay grade systems for our UK and Ireland-based and internationally mobile staff. Our pay grade systems prioritise skills, equal opportunities, and performance to ensure fairness in compensation.

In 2021, MSF UK reported a mean gender pay gap of 6.6 percent and a median gender pay gap of 5.6 percent.

While we see this as a good result, we acknowledge there is still work to be done as our goal is to achieve a zero percent gender pay gap.

To reach this goal, we will continue to review and improve our policies and procedures, with a focus on recruitment and staff retention.

Please read our 2021 Gender Pay Gap Report to find out more about how MSF UK and Ireland are committed closing to the pay gap.

Gender pay gap at MSF UK

We recognise the importance of accessibility and inclusivity for all individuals, regardless of disability, health, or wellbeing. We strive to communicate in a way that works for you and make adjustments to remove or reduce any barriers that you may be facing.

If you require any adjustments or support, please contact and we will do our best to help.

What to do if things go wrong

MSF UK is committed to providing a high-quality service for those we assist and our supporters.

If we fail to meet this high standard, we want to hear about it so that we can respond to your concerns, put things right and learn lessons for the future.

MSF UK’s complaints policy