Set up a university group

If there isn’t already a Friends of MSF (FoMSF) group at your university you can set one up yourself. Here’s our nine-step guide:

1. Get in touch

If there is no existing group then contact MSF UK Public Engagement Manager, Pam O'Brien, to talk about setting one up.

2. Form your committee

An official FoMSF society has to consist of at least two committee positions - President and Treasurer.

Other useful roles include Secretary, Vice-President, Publicity Secretary, Social Secretary and Liaison Officer.

3. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding

This officially affiliates you to the Friends network. When we have received this from you, we can send you a welcome pack with some useful resources.

Request this from Pam O'Brien.

4. Register as a formal university society

Speak to your students' union - they can advise you on the best way to go about this. Most students' unions will have some money set aside for societies, make sure you find out what you’re entitled to.

They may also be able to help with publicity and printing costs for FoMSF events.

5. Set up a group email account

Please choose an email name which will identify you as a FoMSF society to others, for example: Generic account names can stay the same even if members change.

You should also set up a Facebook page to keep your members informed of your activities on social media, and make sure to ‘like’ the official FoMSF page.

Friends of MSF on Facebook

Follow the official Friends of MSF page

Friends of MSF on Facebook

6. Recruit members

The best time to do this is at your freshers’ fair, but you can also advertise around your campus with posters, stalls, flyers and online.

Some societies charge members a small joining fee which can then be used to support group activities in aid of MSF.

7. Make a plan for the year

Decide how often you want to hold meetings and plan some fundraisers, awareness-raising and campaigns. Talk through your ideas with Pam O'Brien, who can help you.

Don’t spread yourself too thin; a couple of well-run, productive events each term works best.

8. Hold an introductory evening

Kick-start your group with an open event to boost numbers. For example, you could host a short talk, film, quiz or music night. 

9. Keep in touch!

Talk through your plans with Pam and keep her informed of all your activities throughout the year.

Take lots of photos and use social media to promote what you’re doing. We’ll also share your posts through MSF UK's social media channels.