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MSF UK's recruitment and selection policy

In order to achieve its mission and meet its objectives, MSF UK relies more than anything else on its people.

MSF UK believes that an effective framework of policy, procedures and practices for recruitment and selection (R&S) of office staff is integral to enabling the organisation to recruit the best people to join its workforce. 


The policy concerning R&S is aimed to: 

  • provide a systematic framework for the recruitment and selection process leading to the most appropriate selection decisions thus enabling MSF UK to meet its organisational objectives 
  • ensure that the best possible candidate pool is available for each vacancy 
  • allow MSF UK to benefit from the diversity that different candidates bring to the role and organisation 
  • make decisions relating to recruitment, selection and promotion fairly, on the basis of aptitude, skill and ability with no regard to gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion/belief, or age, in line with our commitment to equality of opportunities 
  • ensure all candidates are treated fairly and experience an open and transparent process 
  • provide line managers with the tools to enable them to carry out their people management responsibilities to the highest possible standard. 


MSF UK is also committed to ensuring that any member of staff who is required to take part in the R&S process has access to the necessary training and development to support this.  

The HR Manager (Office) will provide you with advice and support in best practice R&S.

All line managers are encouraged to undertake an interviewing skills course in the first few months of their employment at MSF UK.

Any line manager wishing to pursue further or refresher training in this area or other related areas (e.g. essentials of employment law) will be supported in their request in line with MSF UK’s Learning and Development Policy.   

Role and responsibilities

Line manager (recruiting manager) 

For every post there must be a designated ‘Recruiting manager’ (RM), typically the line manager for the position, or a person delegated to undertake this responsibility on their behalf.

The RM is responsible for following the R&S policy and using the supporting toolkit.  

Human resources (HR)

Human resources manager (Office) and HR services team are available for further support, advice and guidance are also available from HR.

Managers have access to the Recruitment Toolkit which outlines a step-by-step R&S process and clarifies roles and responsibilities.