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MSF UK's investigations policy

Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) UK/IE is committed to conducting investigations in a fair, proportionate, and consistent manner.

Our investigation principles:

  • Thoroughness: investigations must be conducted in a diligent, objective, and transparent manner.
  • Confidentiality and respect: complainants, witnesses, and the subject of allegations have the right to confidentiality and respect. In the event of a serious allegation requiring external authority involvement, this may override the confidentiality clause and require MSF to report concerns to external parties. This will however be done with the utmost respect and maintaining confidentiality on a need-to-know basis.
  • Risk and safety: the safety, well-being and welfare needs of the survivor and/or the complainant and subject are paramount. MSF UK/IE aims to provide a survivor-centred and trauma-informed response to concerns raised and will endeavour to ensure that their care and needs will be upheld and supported throughout and following the process of investigation. MSF UK/IE will make sure the intersecting characteristics of someone’s identity are considered at all times. MSF UK/IE will ensure an assessment of risk to safeguard all parties and the organisation at the point of receiving concerns.
  • Independence: the people conducting the investigations and preparing reports should be independent, responsible, and trained to ensure impartiality and due process. A diverse pool of people conducting investigations and preparing reports is available. Conflicts of interest are declared immediately.
  • Objectivity: evidence to support and refute allegations, must be gathered, and reported in an unbiased and independent manner
  • Timelines: investigations must be conducted and reported at the earliest opportunity. MSF investigation teams will endeavour to keep all parties informed on a two-weekly basis about ongoing investigations and conclusions for the best interests of all parties
  • Accuracy and documentation: investigation reports and their conclusions must be supported by adequate documentation. MSF will uphold GDPR data laws in the storage and dissemination of any data relating to investigations.

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