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22 Feb 19

Yemen: Take a tour of our surgical hospital in Mocha

In the city of Mocha, an MSF field hospital is providing emergency surgical care to civilians wounded in Yemen's brutal civil war.

Since March 2015, a Saudi and Emirati-led coalition has been fighting Ansar Allah forces, resulting in bombing, gun battles and widespread destruction. Ordinary people are bearing the brunt of the conflict.

Many hospitals have been destroyed and those still open are in urgent need of medical supplies. Yemenis are struggling to afford food and fuel due to unemployment and rising prices.

These conditions, combined with airstrikes and sniper fire, have turned this conflict into one of the worst man-made humanitarian crises in the world.

In early 2018, fighting intensified along the frontline between the cities of Taïz and Hodeidah. By August 2018, MSF set up a hospital in the port city of Mocha, near Taïz, where teams perform emergency surgery on people injured in the violence.

In this video, Surgeon Bernard Leménager guides us around the Mocha's life-saving hospital - the only functioning surgical facility between the frontline and hospitals further south.

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