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Innovation: 3D printed prosthetic limbs for refugees

18 Jan 18

Innovation: 3D-printed prosthetic limbs for refugees

In 2016, the MSF Foundation ventured into the world of 3D technology in an attempt to address the poor access to prosthetics that is the reality across much of the world.

If amputees are to regain their physical integrity and autonomy, improving access to prostheses is vital.

Today, the project team is striving to demonstrate that prostheses made with 3D printing technology are adapted to MSF contexts, quicker to make and less expensive than traditionally-manufactured prostheses.  

Ensuring the prostheses are personalised, the project team are working with five patient-volunteers. The devices are scaled to fit the rest of the body and harmonised with each patient’s skin colour.

Ultimately, the prostheses will enable patients to carry out a range of tasks such as cooking, driving or using a tool, according to their individual needs.