By leaving a gift in your will to MSF, you can ensure that our financial independence - which enables us to provide medical aid where and when it is needed most - will continue.

We rely on the generosity of our supporters. Without you, our work would simply not be possible.

Whatever the amount, your contribution will make a valuable difference.

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If you’d like to discuss leaving a gift to MSF please:

If you wish to pay a legacy 

If you are an Executor administering the estate of someone who has remembered MSF UK in their will please contact our Supporter Care team for advice on how to pay the gift in will, using the details above.

If you have already made a will

If you have already made a will, you can leave a gift to MSF by making a simple addition to your existing will. This is called a codicil and can be arranged with a solicitor.

Download our leaflet if you would like more information about amending your will.

If you have not already made a will

If you have not already made a will, and would like to leave a gift to MSF, we advise you to see a solicitor to help you draw up your will. 

Although you will have to pay a fee, you will receive professional advice and can be sure that your wishes will be carried out.

Find a local solicitor

Your solicitor will need to know our address and registered charity number:

  • Médecins Sans Frontières (UK), Lower Ground Floor, Chancery Exchange, 10 Furnival Street, London, EC4A 1AB 
  • Registered Charity number: 1026588

Our promise

  • We will endeavour to spend your money in an area of the world that is close to your heart, if that is what you wish. However, please understand that we are an emergency organisation and that we may no longer be needed in the particular country or project you have in mind.
  • We will respect your right to privacy. You don’t have to tell us how much you have decided to leave to MSF.
  • We will use your gift wisely and effectively.

How to leave a gift to MSF in your will

The best way to help us respond in an emergency is with a residuary gift – a share of what is left in your estate once you have provided for your loved ones. While every gift to MSF is gratefully received, this is the best way to help us respond in an emergency.

Residuary gifts have the advantage over a specific sum of money as inflation will not reduce their value over time.

Alternatively, you can choose to leave a pecuniary gift – a fixed amount of money.

Christine Akoth is a Kenyan midwife, and she leads the maternity services in MSF primary health centres in Jamtoli and Hakimpara, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.  

The Rohingya women prefer to give birth in their homes. Traditional practices in the community, lack of trust in healthcare providers, combined with exclusion from healthcare in Myanmar contribute to deliveries at home. MSF health promotion teams work with traditional birth attendants, and community and religious leaders to encourage expectant mothers to give birth in health facilities where they can be assisted by medical professionals. MSF in Cox’s Bazar assists deliveries, and provides antenatal and postnatal care, family planning services, menstrual regulation (Bangladesh term for safe abortion care), mental health care, and medical and psychosocial support for survivors of sexual violence.

Download our leaflet

Find out more about leaving a gift in your will

We will always be committed to providing care to those who need it. But that legacy is not ours alone.

Rachael Craven
MSF Anaesthetist and Trustee

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If you’d like to discuss leaving a gift to MSF please call 0207 404 6600 and ask to speak to our Supporter Care team or email

Thank you for your support.