Yemen crisis: Help us get essential care to the most vulnerable

Women and children are among those hit hardest by Yemen’s violent conflict.

The healthcare system has collapsed, and without access to basic medical care, lives are being lost.

Our emergency medical teams are in Yemen right now, working to get care to the people most in need.


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We're reaching the hardest-hit in Yemen


🔺 Maternal health care

Women and babies are dying from pregnancy complications. Our midwives and obstetricians are providing vital care in the most complex deliveries.


🔺 Treating malnutrition

War has shattered Yemen’s economy. In some areas, increasing numbers of families are going hungry. Our logistics experts are ensuring therapeutic foods get to malnourished children.


🔺 Emergency surgery

Traumatic injuries need specialist skills, especially in children. Our surgeons and anaesthetists are performing life-changing operations.


🔺 Preventing outbreaks

Millions of people have fled violence, many taking refuge in crowded camps. In these conditions, disease can spread fast, and children under five are most vulnerable. Our medical teams are there, providing vaccinations and essential healthcare.

Medical activities in Haydan hospital, Saada governorate Caption
Dr Scaini is examining Kenan, 2 months-old, who is suffering from apnea, cough and strong respiratory distress, like his twin brother Saif. They are born in Al Salam hospital, in Saada city.

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MSF in Yemen

We are an emergency medical aid organisation, working in crisis settings worldwide.

In Yemen, we have teams in 12 health facilities in hotspots across the country, and support 20 more with vital supplies, equipment and expertise.

We are continuing this work within a shifting security context and the overwhelming impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Map of MSF projects in Yemen

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