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Send a New Year message to MSF nurse Camille Vincent

Send a New Year message to MSF nurse Camille Vincent

Nurse Camille Vincent is working overseas as Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF)'s nurse supervisor in Rutshuru, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We asked Camille what it's like to work for MSF in a year gripped by the coronavirus pandemic.

Can you tell us more about where are you working with MSF?

I work at the Rutshuru Referral Hospital in North Kivu, DRC.

The hospital is run by the Ministry of Health with MSF supporting the emergency and intensive care departments. 

We also provide surgical support in the operating theatre, the malnutrition unit as well as support for survivors of sexual violence.

We provide free treatment to anyone in need of emergency care, from the victims of inter-communal conflicts and armed groups, to the victims of road traffic accidents, burns or tropical diseases such as malaria or typhoid.

We also see a high number of severe cases of malnutrition.

I am very proud to be part of an organisation that can provide treatment free of charge regardless of people’s origin or background.

Camille Vincent Caption
Camille Vincent, MSF's nurse supervisor in Rutshuru, DRC.

Why is it important that your work continues during the pandemic?

Unfortunately, the pandemic hasn't stopped the violence in the region so it is essential that we continue to support people and adapt to the current circumstances.

We distribute masks to all the patients and their relatives, there are hand washing stations at the entrance of the hospital and everybody’s temperature is checked upon entry.

Everyday we receive patients that suffer from severe malnutrition or malaria, that were involved in road traffic accidents or sustained gunshot wounds and need emergency treatment.

It's vital than we continue to provide care as normally as possible to people that probably wouldn't be able to afford adequate treatment without MSF's support.

Rutshuru, a hospital in the middle of a never-ending conflict Caption
In the Rutshuru hospital operating theatre where Camille works a woman undergoes surgery following a road traffic accident.
Rutshuru, a hospital in the middle of a never-ending conflict Caption
A mother with a child suffering from malaria in the emergency room of Rutshuru Referral Hospital.

How do you usually celebrate Christmas? What will you be doing in 2020?

Christmas is a big thing for me! I have always celebrated it with my parents and my siblings and I love the Christmas atmosphere.

It's the first time I will be celebrating it away from them and it's as hard for them as it is for me. Due to the pandemic, we cannot leave the country so I will probably spend the week in Goma, North Kivu's major city, with some of my colleagues and we will either cook a nice meal or go to a nice restaurant.

I still want it to feel special even if I am away from my family.

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