Application to join the MSF UK/IE Association

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Application to join the MSF UK/IE Association 

Thank you for your interest in joining the MSF UK/IE Association. Please read and complete the following form carefully. Note that in order to be eligible for the Association, you need to have worked or volunteered for MSF for a minimum of 6 months (this does not need to be consecutively).


The steps to becoming a member:

  1. Fill in this application
  2. We will review your application and then send you information on how to set up a standing order online with your bank (for £10 / 10 euros per year to MSF) 
  3. Let us know as soon as this is set up with your bank. We will then send you your Welcome Email and you can begin associating!


If you aren’t sure whether or not you are eligible to join the Association, please contact Pam O’Brien.

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