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Send a message to our teams this Mother's Day

10 Mar 21 | 31 May 21
This article is more than one year old

Send a message to our teams this Mother's Day

In crises around the world, women and children are the most vulnerable. This Mother’s Day, why not send a message of support to some of our team who work everyday to support mums and their families in challenging conditions?

In Borno State, Nigeria, the ongoing conflict has meant that thousands of people have had to leave their homes and livelihoods to escape the violence. Scroll down to meet some of the amazing members of the team working hard every day to make a difference.

Patience Caption


Life in an informal camp means children can suffer from health conditions such as malnutrition, skin diseases, respiratory tract infections, malaria and others. I always admire the mothers who bring their children to the clinic. Often they say “Let my child get better so I can be happy”: what a selfless love.

Patience Odabe Louis
Nurse, Displaced People’s Camps, Maiduguri


A part of the outreach team, I educate people living in the camp about hygiene, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, as well as how they can access the free health services MSF offers. Everyday, I am impressed by how the mothers here take care of their children and themselves in difficult circumstances. Let’s celebrate women because they are pivotal to all the great achievement in our world.

Zara Bukar Dalama
Health promoter, Displaced People’s Camps, Maiduguri
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Amina Caption


The massive influx of people affected by insurgency means that their living conditions are congested and poor. This makes children really vulnerable, but mothers know they can get good quality healthcare here, free of charge.  In Gwange Hospital, we don’t just offer treatment, we also help with items like blankets, mosquito nets, soap, and with health education sessions, breastfeeding sessions, counselling sessions, in-patient care and much more.

Amina Bashir
Lay Counsellor, Gwange Primary Health Care, Maiduguri


Our mobile clinic provides treatment for all ages, but the majority who come are mothers, trying their best to get access to good quality healthcare for their children. I salute all the mothers who have cared and nurtured us, women who go extra miles for the wellbeing of their children and family.

Augusta Chinenye O
Nurse team supervisor, Displaced People’s Camps, Maiduguri
Augusta Caption
Isaac Caption


My role as health promoter has brought me closer with the displaced people living in the camp mostly children, teenagers, youth and women. It’s really shown me how selfless, loving and caring a mother is to her child. Every day here I see a woman give her all to her child without expecting anything in return. I want to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to all of them.

Isaac Ulea
Health promoter, Displaced People’s Camps, Maiduguri

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